Lake Hillier – Australia


Lake Hillier, present in the middle island in the Recherche Archipelago, Western Australia, offers a flamboyant scenic beauty to anyone who visits it. The specialty of this lake is its unique color, which is rose pink. The color is permanent, as it does not alter when the water is taken in a container. The length of the lake is about six hundred meters. A narrow area covered by white dunes and sand is responsible for the separation of the water of the lake and that of the ocean. A British navigator discovered the lake in 1802. The reason for the lake's color is still under investigation, and so far no one has come up with a reasonable explanation. However, the most probably explanation according to some scientists is the low nutrient concentrations and different types of bacteria and algae that are responsible for the lake's pink color. The lake is one of the natural wonders of Australia.

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