Enjoy the virtues of lithotherapy by wearing crystals and natural stones jewellery

natural stones jewellery

Litho therapy refers to the healing power of natural stone when worn by humans. Click here for more information regarding therapeutic mineral stones. In the traditional environment, the stones were viewed as perfect tools for therapy but in the modern environment, part of the population views them as beauty products while others view them as mere superstitions. The term Litho refers to the application of stones in different activities. Currently, litho therapy is based on different scientific explanations that justify its connection with the therapeutic aspects of the human environment. Besides, due to the recognized benefits of the crystals, litho therapists are viewed as professionals and held highly in the modern environment. Minerals are applied in the human healing process. The process entails the curing of ailment and the protection of people against diseases. These minerals are responsible for the inflow of positive and healing energy and outflow of negative and ailment causing energy. In the modern environment, this type of healing is incorporated during massages and it contributes to relaxation which constitutes internal healing. This form of healing dates back to ancient times, 6000 years ago and it was applied by ancient Egyptians and Asians. Here, the treatment stones are first assigned different properties and their benefits. For instance, they are attached to different body parts and organs. The colours of the rainbow are aligned with 7 human body chakra points. These stones are placed in their respective body parts depending on their properties during the healing process. In some cases, they are placed under the pillows and even worn on the bodies of the users.

Wearing Natural stones is beneficial to human beings in various ways as explained below.

Stress Management and Pain Relieving Properties

These stones are crucial in the stress management process. They are associated with overall body relaxation and as a result, they enhance positive thinking on both stressed and unstressed individuals. Individuals that go through this therapy are assured of the reduction of the stress levels during the period in question as they release the negative aspects. These stones have pain-relieving properties on the users. For instance, some natural stone necklaces are considered effective in minimizing the effects of teething on infants. The teething process is normally full of discomfort and in the quest to ease it, some parents opt for these natural pain-relieving elements. Such necklaces, when worn by the babies, are said to release succinic acid, which has pain-relieving characteristics. The acid is then absorbed through the infant’s skin after which it stimulates the body and minimizes the inflammation properties on the infant’s body. Markedly, the therapeutic elements of the earth stone jewellery can be felt by both the infants and the adults. Adults can easily handle precious stone jewellery like the necklaces whereas the infants should be watched at all instances to minimize the chances of strangulation. These stones ease intestinal pains when they are worn. Also, they soothe premenstrual syndrome and other issues relating to menstruation among women. Thus, during this period, if they are worn continuously, they can be remedies to the women suffering from these disorders.

Promotes Spiritual elevation Emotional Control, Empathy and Love

Through wearing the stones, individuals are spiritually enhanced as they interact with nature. Rather than thinking of material things, these stones make individuals visualize about aspects that matter in the human environment including the divine and natural powers. Besides they have anecdote powers that help people to remain sober and make reasonable decisions in different situations. The element of humanity thrives in people who embrace the element of litho therapy as they separate themselves from thoughts that remind them of their true form. Besides, wearing these stones is associated with emotional control. The stones have elements responsible for the reduction of distractions and an increase in concentration. Also, these gems enhance serenity and the feeling of being in control of different situations regardless of the situations at hand. Individuals with attention deficit disorders, fear of failure and anxiety benefit from wearing natural stone jewellery as they drive out such feelings and disorders. Therapists apply them in fighting burnouts as well as depression among their clients. Meditation is a common element in the modern environment and most individuals who meditate find natural stone jewellery to be soothing during the process. These effects make the process better and more fulfilling. In these scenarios, the effects of the meditation process are long-lasting as compared to those without these stones. Thus, these stones promote the calming effect on meditating individuals. Moreover, the stones promote empathy and love. Wearing them or engaging in the therapeutic process enhances the connection of the heart and the brain. In the end, they enhance peace of mind, the calmness of the heart as well as the soul. With these attributes, couples and other individuals can communicate effectively and increase the bond of their relationships in both the short and long-term phases. These results are attributed to the inner factors that enhance the inner peace of the parties in the relationship in question.

Fights Addiction and Improves Vision

Alcohol and Smoking addictions are difficult to manage without professional help. the stone therapies are known to manage the situations by ensuring that the users take control of their bodies and craving. The effectiveness of the respective stones is felt more in cases where they are worn or kept close to the individual in question at all times in all circumstances. The natural stone necklaces repel negative energy and waves in all situations. Since addiction is negative energy, the presence of the stone minimizes the chances of giving in to it. The stones minimize the elements that motivate addiction. For instance, some individuals engage in smoking and alcoholism due to stress and lack of control, the stones eliminate and manage these aspects in both the short and long-term spheres. Mineral stones are placed in the eye contour area and this enhances an individual’s vision in both the short and long-term. The results are attributed to gentle massages on the area which enhances the functioning of one’s eyes regardless of whether the individuals have eye problems or not. This is a common feature of these stones due to their relaxation elements. The combined stone virtues not only reduce stress but also blood pressure and in the end, the wearers gain control of their hormones and blood circulation. Proper circulation of blood minimizes headaches as well as joint pains.

Promotes Self-control, Self-confidence, Self Connection, Proper Blood Circulation and Regulation of Human Hormones

In some situations, nervousness and anger can lead to regrettable actions. Natural gems have virtues that enhance the calming effect and ability to invite compassion and ability to forgive. The gemstones promote self-confidence which enhances the ability to gain control over actions that matter and define lives. In the process, self-control and self-confidence invite positive energy and attitude towards life regardless of the situations at hand. Mineral stone therapy enhances re-connection with nature and one’s self. Stones originate from the ground and they take several years to fully form in the ground. During the formation process, they are equipped with telluric energy which originates from underground flowing currents. The energy is transferred from the handmade stone jewellery to the human body through vibration when they are in contact. the energy frequencies are responsible for unblocking and strengthening of weak bodies. These actions are responsible for the feeling of meditation when in contact with the mineral stones. Equally, the stones are rich in elements like magnesium that are responsible for soothing and re-boosting tired organisms. These components are responsible for improved biological functions among human beings. Similarly, their contact with the skin promotes gentle massage on the area in question.

In view of the above virtues and benefits, gemstones are helpful and beneficial as they enhance human welfare. They promote both the physical and internal health of the individuals who wear them. Even in the medical environment, the healing process starts from the inner side and then proceeds to the physical body. The gems contribute greatly to the healing process of different ailments and hence they are worth investing in. Besides the healing process, they complement one’s beauty as some of them have the sparkling element that changes with the change in their environment. They can be matched with different outfits for different occasions to enhance the impression, reputation, confidence, and courage of the wearer. Markedly, to get the best out of them, it is crucial to wear them at all times to enjoy the various benefits connected to them. Regardless of the negative views of the critics about the benefits of these stones, it is crucial to always keep them intact. In the end, both physical and internal benefits will be enjoyed by the parties in question.

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