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Preserving the environment is no easy task

There’s no doubt about it, plastic is increasingly tarnishing life on land and at sea. Yet there are plenty of simple things that people can do at home to help preserve the environment. It’s worth noting that when we make…

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natural stones jewellery

Enjoy the virtues of lithotherapy by wearing crystals and natural stones jewellery

Litho therapy refers to the healing power of natural stone when worn by humans. Click here for more information regarding therapeutic mineral stones. In the traditional environment, the stones were viewed as perfect tools for therapy but in the modern…

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drivy UK

Discover the roads of the united kingdom with a private car rental service

Do you have plans to see as much of the UK as you would like? Well, there is no better way to experience an amazing adventure through England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland than in a car. So, if you…

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Where to stay during your visit to Brighton?

From the iconic places of interest, tranquil green locations to the beachfront sports, you have every reason to be in Brighton. And in this beautiful city, few places are so laid back as the beautiful seaside resort of Brighton on the south coast of England.

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