Creepy high voltage installations

Published on : 30 March 20231 min reading time

Russian countryside yields sometimes most improbable sights – abandoned artifacts and installations from bizarre military/scientific research, strangely futuristic forms left to rust and decay – to be found by a curious photographer. “Master” stumbled upon this installation close to Russian city of Istra (50 km from Moscow) quite by chance, and these mysterious shots were percolating for a while around the web, until the answer was found. According to this little, cryptic, and quite secretive website, the weird alien-like towers are the Experimental Grounds for High-Voltage Generation, the only open-air kind in the world. Amazingly, it’s still in use… as the powerful lightnings rip through the night and the darkened forest – much like in “The Prestige” movie.

Generator tower height: 43 meters
Maximum output voltage: 9 Megavolt
Record length of lightning discharge attained – 150 meters

The structures were erected in the late 70s, and certainly are not in the best condition today. However, they are still in active use, according to official research papers…


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